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A Letter from the General Manager

At the onset of this year 2016, Arabia Insurance Company – Syria (AIC-S) have entered its 10th year in the Syrian market, although historically, AIC-S was amongst the first established insurance companies in this market since the 50s of the last century under the name “Arabia Insurance Company Limited”, however the nationalization resolutions back then concerning the banks & insurance companies made it hard for the company to continue its operations in the Syrian market

We start this new year filled with hope, confidence & enthusiasm to present to our clients excellent performance, wider variety of products & services, and new improved methods of communication, privileges & incentives in such a way that they have at their disposal the needed information & coverage in a swift & easy manner depending on the most modern electronic means. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude & extend our thanks to our loyal customers for their continued support & loyalty, whilst assuring them of our sincere commitment, and obligation to even strengthen our valuable & mutual relationship to achieve their interest, as well as our company interest

Definitely, we are confident that the rebuilding & development process will soon be underway in all aspects, and within all the different economic, service & social fields so we can regain our beloved country full of life, progress & success.

At this stage, I have to salute the company employees, my colleagues, for their appreciated performance & sincere loyalty despite all the hardships & odds, and I cannot help but be grateful to them for their hard work, and exceptional performance. I highly commend their loyalty to the company and to their country

A big thank you should also be addressed to the respected chairman & board members, and all the shareholders, for their continuous support & care for the company & staff interest and well-being at all levels and times

We also praise & value the close & fruitful cooperation and coordination with the Syrian Supervisory Insurance Commission & the Syrian Insurance Federation for their valuable directives & important role in setting the right standards & objectives for the welfare & progress of this important economic sector

With the best wishes

Arabia Insurance Company - Syria

General Manager

Hazem M. Dwik